2024 Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C. Membership

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2024 Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C. Membership – Thank you for enquiring about Racing Membership of the Darley Moor Club in 2024. Register and get access to the online Race Booking System. Once your Membership Number is applied by the Darley Admin Team you can book race entries online.

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Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd Racing Membership 2024

Thank you for enquiring about Racing Membership of the Darley Moor Club in 2024.The following notes will, I hope, help answer some of the questions you have about the Club. If you need any further information please give me a ring on 01246 866537 any day before 10.00 pm. At weekends try 01335 343833 if no reply on first number.

Darley Moor MCRRC Ltd Provisional Dates 2024

Saturday 13th April Test Day – for ACU Licence holders

Sunday 14th April Round 1 

Sunday 16th June Round 2

Sunday 11th August – Round 3

Sunday 8th September – Round 4

Saturday 5th October – Stars at Darley and Round 5

Sunday 6th October – Stars at Darley and Round 6 

Proposed Championship Classes 2024

1          Classic & Forgotten Era Class up to 500cc to Darley Moor Forgotten Era Eligibility Rules

Classic & Forgotten Era Class 501 to 1300cc to Darley Moor Forgotten Era Eligibility Rules

2          Lightweight Class up to 400cc 4 strokes and 250cc 2 strokes open tyre choice

3          Honda CB 500 and Suzuki Bandit 600 Class

4          Wilson Trophy for any machine 101cc to 500cc. No other restrictions

5          Any Machine 451 to 636cc four stroke four cylinder machine  plus 675cc triples. No other restrictions.

6          Pre – Electronic Injection class up to 600cc four stroke & 701cc to 750cc twins. Must have a carburettor. No other restrictions

7a          Twin Cylinder up to 650cc 4 stroke water cooled and 820cc air cooled 4 strokes. No over-bores or big bore engines permitted

7b          Twin Cylinder 651 to 700cc 4 stroke water cooled. No over bores or big bore engines permitted.

8          Darley Cup for any Twin Cylinder machine 501cc to 850cc or for any Four Stroke Four Cylinder machine 451 – 600cc pre -injection, must have

a carburettor. No other restrictions

9          Open Solos 241cc to 750cc 2 strokes and 651cc to 1300cc 4 strokes with no other restrictions.

10        Pre-Electronic Open Solos for machines 655 to 1300cc Must have a carburettor. No other restrictions.

11        Ben Godfrey Trophy for any machine 401cc to 1300cc No other restrictions

12a       Open sidecars for any sidecar to 1300cc four stroke and 750cc two stroke. This class will include the Triumph 675cc TT class.

12b.      Formula 600 Sidecars – complying with ACU Formula 600 Sidecar specifications.

The onus of eligibility for all classes rests with the rider.

Membership and Entry Fees 2024

On-line entries for Membership and Race Entries will be available at  www.darleymoorstore.co.uk/Race_Booking/

For 2024 the Membership Fee for Drivers and Riders is £20.00. Membership fees for Passengers is £10.00. Membership Numbers will be e-mailed to you on receipt of your Membership Application Form.

Entry Fees for 2024 will be £165.00 for the first Solo Class and £55.00 for additional classes. For Sidecars the Entry Fee will be £195.00.  

All entries should be made on line for 2024.

Please note that for on-line entries the closing date will be one week later than for postal entries.

The full Entry Fee must be enclosed with the Entry Form. Entry Fees can be paid by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque or BACS Payment. BACS Payment must be made at least 3 working days before the event.

Any Entry received without payment will be returned.

Transponder Payments of £20.00 should be paid with Entry Fees or on the day must be paid by Contactless Card.

Practice and Races on Race Day

Each class will receive a timed Practice session of ten minutes.  Each class will have two races. Some classes may be combined for either practice or races. Grid positions for both races will be based on the result of the timed practice. REMEMBER – NO TRANSPONDER = NO TIMES = START FROM THE BACK OF THE GRID.

Championship points 1st = 15, 2nd = 12, 3rd = 10, 4th= 8, 5th = 6, 6th = 5, 7th = 4, 8th = 3, 9th = 2, 10th = 1, will be scored in both races and all rounds will count.

The Club will have a supply of Tranx 260 transponders to hire at each meeting. The cost of hiring a transponder will be £20.00 per meeting.

Noise Regulations

Darley Moor is extremely noise sensitive and any machine that fails the noise test will NOT be permitted to start the meeting. ACU noise regulations are 105 Dba with no dispensations.

2024 ACU Licence Applications.

The 2024 ACU Licence Application Form is available on the ACU’s sport80 Platform  https://acu.sport80.com.  The Licence Fee for 2024 is £70.00.

There is no Paper ACU Licence Application Forms for 2024, also the 2024 ACU Handbook is only available on-line and has now changed to the ACU Library.

2024 Darley Regulations and Entry Forms

These will be available from early February for on-line booking. Or you will be able to download them from the website. Entry Forms will not be automatically posted to you.

Have a safe and enjoyable season’s racing at Darley Moor.

Sandra Nelson

Secretary of the Meeting

Darley Moor MCRRC Ltd

Darley Moor Sports Centre

Darley Moor


Derbys DE6 2ET

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